5 Best Peaberry Kona Coffees

In my quest to sample as many different Kona Coffees as possible, I’ve come across dozens of peaberry versions of kona coffee (usually they go for about $5 more per pound than the regular coffees of the same brand.) After all, ordering Peaberry Kona Coffee is a big investment: you …

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Ka’u Coffee: The Newest Coffee Region is Making Waves

ka'u coffee is the newest coffee region

Hawaii’s newest coffee region has been making quite a name for itself. At the 2011 Specialty Coffee Association of America Cupping Compettion (SCAA), Ka’u coffee was ranked as the top coffee region in not only Hawaii, but in the world. And one of these Ka’u Coffees, from Kailiawa farms, was …

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What is Peaberry Kona Coffee?

Peaberry Coffee Beans: The Misunderstood Coffee Bean You’ve probably seen terms like ‘Peaberry Kona Coffee’ and ‘Tanzanian Peaberry’ on coffee labels before. These coffees are extremely popular among gourmet coffee drinkers, and are much more expensive than your average coffee. Whereas a half-pound (8 oz.) of Kona Coffee will typically …

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