Kona Coffee Reviews

Kona Coffee Reviews

Kona Coffee Reviews:

Welcome to our round-up of all the kona coffee reviews on our website. We have separated all the reviews by the types of coffee: Dark Roast, Medium Roast, Peaberry, and also ordered them by ratings. These ratings are subjective, of course. If you are new to kona coffee then feel free to browse this list and read the accompanying full reviews. Or if you want you can work your way through all the coffees until you find one that works for you.

Medium Roast Kona Coffees

Koa Coffee Estate Medium Roast

koa coffee peaberry kona coffee review

Rating: 4.95

This coffee is actually my pick for the ‘best kona coffee‘. The estate roast is a mixture of the top three grades of kona coffee: extra-fancy, fancy and peaberry. The result is a flavorful, nutty coffee that is likely the smoothest coffee you’ve ever had. Click here for the full review.

Dark Roast Kona Coffees:

Starbucks Private Reserve 100% Kona Coffee

starbucks reserve kona coffee review

Rating: 4.75

Starbucks spared no expense with this private reserve coffee (which has been selling out like gangbusters everywhere). They used top of the line Extra-Fancy grade coffee beans and roasted them just right. The initial sweet caramelly flavor gives way to a nutty aftertaste with citrusy notes. At $28 it’s the most expensive coffee Starbucks has ever put out, but is the cheapest ‘Extra-Fancy’ grade coffee you’ll find. Read Full Review:
Update: Starbucks’ Kona Coffee is sold out and not available anywhere. We will update this when it becomes available again.

Redbird Kona Coffee Review

redbird kona coffee reviews
A noticeably citrusy coffee that retains Kona Coffee’s signature smoothness. Repeat winner of the “Four Seasons Cream of the Crop” award, this is a coffee that won’t disappoint. Read the full Redbird Coffee review here:

Kona Mountain Coffee Review

Kona Mountain Coffee Review

The smooth and sweet flavour of this coffee is almost overshadowed by the experience you get at their store. The coffee’s sweet aroma and lemony after-taste makes for the perfect pairing with tart treats (like lemon meringue pie). The store is also worth a stroll if you’re ever in Kona, if only for the copious amounts of chocolate! Read the Full Review

Koa Coffee Peaberry Kona Review

koa coffee peaberry kona coffee review
Ranked #1 on our list of the “Best Peaberry Kona Coffees”, Koa Coffee’s Peaberry coffee is unbelievably smooth and makes for the perfect after dinner coffee for you and your friends. Pairs well with anything sweet, especially lemons. Click here for the full review.

Ka’u Coffee Reviews

The Ka’u coffee region sits directly south of kona, and has recently become a well respected coffee growing region in its own right. These are the coffee reviews we have so far for coffees from the Ka’u district:

Rusty’s Hawaiian Peaberry Coffee

Best kau coffee rusty peaberry medium roast

Ka’u coffee has been gaining recognition as a premium coffee region. The district directly south of Kona has become an award winning coffee region in its own right. Rusty’s in particular has won Europe’s Specialty Coffee Assocation award for outstanding producer. And it’s hard not to like this coffee: a sweet aroma and a chocolatly taste that makes for a wonderful early afternoon coffee (paired with a chocolate treat of course!). Click here for more info.