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Most Popular Kona Coffee: Bestseller List

Finding quality, gourmet Kona Coffee outside of Hawaii can be challenging at the best of times, and separating 100% pure Kona Coffee from the various “kona blends”, which are to be avoided at all costs, is not easy. But, We’ve sorted through Amazon and found the Top Ten 100% Pure Kona Coffees available on the site.






Hawaii Roasters 100% Kona Coffee – 16oz. Baghawaii roasters coffee - bestselling kona coffeeMellow and delicate, Hawaii Roasters gives you a relaxing cup for the early afternoon. It can be bitter if brewed too strong or used as espresso.


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Maui Coffee Companymaui coffee company - bestselling kona coffeeMedium to full body and mild acidity. Though not on the list, I highly recommend their Peaberry Coffee.


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Blue Horse 100% Kona Coffee, Medium Roast – 1lb.blue horse kona coffee, bestselling kona coffeethe milk-chocolaty smell gives way to the citrusy flavor. No bitterness at all, but a very pleasing mild acidity. Plus, as you know, I love peaberry coffee


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Pu’u Nani Dark Roast Kona Coffee 16 oz.puu nani dark roast coffee, bestselling kona coffeeComing in eco-friendly burlap bags, I’ve heard people describe Pu’u Nani coffee as the smoothest coffee they’ve ever tasted.


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Hawaiian Mountain Gold 8oz.ferrari coffee company, bestselling kona coffeeSale:Receive 1 8oz. coffee free when you purchase 3 or more 8 oz. Kona Coffees (on Amazon.com)


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Hualalai Estate Peaberry – 7oz.hualalai estate peaberry kona coffee, bestselling kona coffeeSmooth with a nutty, chocolaty finish. They have great cafes to relax in while you’re in Hawaii, and they’re coffee is top of the line.


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Coastal Roasters – Hawaiian Kona Coffee – Fancy GradeCoastal Roasters fancy grade hawaiian coffee, bestselling kona coffeeI haven’t reviewed these guys yet.


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Royal Kona Private Reserve 2 bags – 7oz. eachroyal kona private reserve kona coffee, bestselling kona coffeeCompetitively priced for off-island, This coffee doesn’t quite hold up to the heavyweights like Hualalai, but still offers the signature smooth Kona Coffee taste.


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Haleakala Sunrise – Dark Roast – 12 oz.Haleakala sunrise kona coffee, bestselling kona coffeeA balanced and smooth coffee.


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Fike Farms 100% Kona Coffee – Estate Grade – 1lb.Fike Farms Kona Coffee, bestselling kona coffeeCoffee contains hints of chocolate and florals.


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