wholesale kona coffee - bulk

Wholesale Kona Coffee

Wholesale Kona Coffee

Buying kona coffee wholesale is a great way to save money on shipping costs. Whether you are a cafe owner who wants to order kona coffee in bulk or you’re just a coffee enthusiast who wants to order in bulk to save money, these resources will help you find 100% kona coffee in whatever form you desire. We will feature unroasted kona coffee beans for those that want to roast the coffee themselves,

Freshly Roasted Kona Coffee in Bulk:

1. Koa Coffee

koa coffee bulk - wholesale kona coffee

Koa coffee was rated #1 on our round up of the Best Kona Coffees. Koa Coffee offers all of their major coffees in 5 lbs packages. They are priced from $190 for Estate Kona Coffee (my personal favorite) to $230 for Peaberry Kona Coffee. The cost works out to be about $40 per pound. All Koa Coffee is roasted the day you order it, and then shipped out the next morning. So far Koa Coffee has been the most consistently high quality kona coffee that I’ve ordered online from. Also, because of the coffee borer beetle damaging large percentages of crops, Koa has been purchasing coffee from smaller farms in order to stay supplied. As a result many smaller kona coffee farms aren’t accepting online orders at the moment.

2. Royal Kona – Coffees of Hawaii

Royal Kona

If you’ve stayed in Hawaii, then you’re likely familiar with Coffees of Hawaii’s ‘Lion’ coffee. While that coffee tends to come with artificial flavors, Coffees of Hawaii also make Royal Kona, which is a 100% Kona Coffee that you can purchase and use

2. New York – 100% Kona Fancy – 5 lbs.

Kona coffee is graded based on size, quality and imperfections. ‘Kona Fancy’ is the second highest grade of kona coffee available (extra-fancy is the highest). The result is some very high quality, flavorful beans. It’s a little more pricey than the other coffee retailers, but coming across 5 pounds of fancy-grade coffee is a great find.

3. Kona Nightingale Coffee – Coffees of Hawaii – 5lbs.

coffees of hawaii nightingale roast

Kona Nightingale coffee was the runner-up to Koa Coffee in our selection for the ‘best kona coffee’. Coffees of Hawaii offers a 5 lbs. bulk package for a very reasonable $167.50. This coffee is sweeter and more fragrant than most kona coffees. It has a fruity flavor whose aftertaste almost reminds your of wine.
If you don’t want it whole beans, you can also choose how you want it ground (i.e. for a french press, drip machine, etc.).

kona joe bulk kona coffee

4. Kona Joe Kainaliu Medium Roast – 5 lbs.

If you want even sweeter coffee than Kona Nightingale, Kona Joe coffee is bar none the sweetest kona coffee out there. Thanks to a patented growing technique that brings out extra sweetness in the coffee cherries, Kona Joe is the kind of coffee you don’t need to add sugar to. The natural sweetness comes out when you have the coffee black.

Unroasted Wholesale Kona Coffee

If you’re a cafe owner who roasts her/his own beans, or are an upstart coffee enthusiast who likes to roast your own coffee, there are plenty of options for ordering unroasted kona coffee beans in bulk.

Blue Horse Kona Coffee – Unroasted Coffee Beans

blue horse kona coffee unroasted bulk coffee

We’ve recommended Blue Horse’s peaberry roast before. Instead of offering the coffee in a 5 lb. burlap sac, Blue Horse is offering their unroasted coffee in a 5-pack or resealable bags. The benefit of that is that you can open each bag as you need it and not expose the whole 5 pounds of coffee to oxygen each time. The best part is that Blue Horse’s coffee is shipped directly from their farm on the Big Island, instead of waiting on some warehouse shelf somewhere getting stale. Oh, and the second best part about Blue Horse coffee? It has milk-chocolaty notes. Yum!