Kona Mountain Coffee Review

Kona Mountain Coffee Review

Welcome to My Kona Mountain Coffee Review:

A must-see stop for any coffee (and chocolate!) lover.

Kona Mountain Coffee Review
Kona Mountain Coffee’s Logo
When you’re driving from the airport to Kona, it’s hard to miss the Kona Mountain Coffee storefront. Perched on top of a hill next to the highway (with the ocean on the otherside), it seems to be in the middle of nowhere, far from Kona.
And yet when my friends arrived at the hotel, the first thing they mentioned was how much they wanted to check out that ‘coffee place on the hill’. I guess the old adage about location! location! location! is true.

The Store is an Experience in Itself

When you first walk into the store you are greeted by associates that encourage you to come and try free samples of their coffee. When I went in they had samples of their dark roast and medium (sometimes called ‘full-city’ roast. As with most kona coffees, I ended up preferring the darker roast, as it’s less acidic and goes better with chocolate.

Every Kind of Coffee You Could Want.

The large store has displays for all their different coffees. There are various flavoured coffees like macadamia nut and coconut mocha, as well as the different grades of coffee, (according to the Kona Coffee grading systemincluding peaberry and private reserve.

You Can Learn All About How Coffee is Roasted

They have an onsite roasting facility where you can see how coffee is made and roasted. It’s an informative little mini-session. If you want a more in-depth approach you can always try one of the Kona Coffee tours that take you on the actual plantation. But if you’re more interested in the cliff notes then this is a great option.

I much preferred this to a farm tour. On tours you move like a hoard on a preset journey. Here you can walk around and take in what interests you. There are people to help you but there isn’t a pre-set ‘way of doing things’.

Kona Mountain also has the most eco-friendly coffee processing methods. One example is how they prevent weeds from growing in the soil by re-introducing coffee bean by-product into the soil.

Did I Mention That There’s Chocolate?

Kona Mountain Coffee Review
They also have some very tempting treats. they have pretty much every combination of macadamia nut, coconut, toffee and chocolate put together. My will couldn’t resist for very long and I ended up getting some chocolate toffee macadamia nuts. It wasn’t great for my waistline but, whatever. I’m on vacation.

(I should mention that Kona Mountain Coffee won’t ship chocolates in the summer months due to the excessive heat of Hawaii. They start selling them online in October.)


The two coffees I bought were the Peaberry Roast (love it!) and the Private Reserve Dark Roast. The coffees actually tasted remarkably similar (in a good way), so I’ll assess them together.

The first thing you notice is how sweet this coffee is. If you use sugar in your coffee, you won’t need to with this one. It’s also quite tart, giving it a lemony aftertaste. If you’re a fan of lemon meringue pie or lemon danishes (my favorite kind of danish), this coffee pairs amazingly well.

Shipping Options:

Free Shipping on all orders over $100 (within the U.S.). The shipping rates are also reasonably priced, from $11 for an order up to $25 to $15 on orders between $60 and $100.

Canadian and International shipments will be charged international rates, which change all the time. You can email them for an estimate for your country of you can hope that it’s not too bad. Too bad they don’t sell through Amazon….(wink, nudge)

There you have it! By all means, this isn’t a complete list, and there are tons of Kona Peaberry Coffees out there. Do you have any personal favorites you want to add to the list? Any memories you want to share about these coffees? Drop me a line in the comments or contact me directly!!