hualalai estate peaberry kona coffee review

Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee Review

Welcome to my Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee Review

A heart-warming story enhances a tasty coffee

The story of how Hualalai Estate Coffee came to be makes this coffee worth the price of admission as it is. It started with a local Kona math teacher named Joel Cooperson. He started growing coffee as a hobby and selling at the local Wal-mart. His coffee quickly became more and more popular, to the point where Joel upgraded his 2-acre plot to a massive 150 acre plot that is now one of the biggest in Hawaii. How’s that for an ‘ordinary guy strikes it big’ story to warm your heart.

Nowadays you’re likely to see Hualalai’s coffee in most grocery stores in Hawaii, as well as online merchants like Indeed I bought mine at the “ABC Store” in Kona.

Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee Review
Hualalai Estate Peaberry Coffee


If you read my reviews you know that I’m a fan of peaberry coffees. Hualalai is actually the most inexpensive peaberry coffee I’ve been able to find so far, and there’s no discernible reason for it (that I can find). Hualalai’s peaberry is as good as any other peaberry coffee.

I found Hualalai to be unique in that it’s the first kona coffee I’ve tried that had a slight spiciness to it. Usually kona coffees are fruity with fruity notes. Peaberry Roasts tend to be a little more ‘bright’ tasting than regular coffees, which is probably where the spiciness taste comes from. It does have a silky smooth finish that balances it out quite nicely.
It pairs well with treats that have a spicy taste to them, like pumpkin pie or gingersnap cookies.

More than Peaberry Available

I tend to ramble on about peaberry coffees, as they tend to be my first choice. But Hualalai makes plenty of other coffees, including flavoured coffees, extra-fancy roast (the highest grade of kona coffee) and decaf. They all come in the resealable vacuum packages to help keep your coffee fresh for longer periods.


Hualalai sells through, which is great since you can take advantage of all the shipping options Amazon provides (especially if you’re a prime member).


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